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    2. 欧美ZOOZ人禽交肥老太

      TRAFFIC PAD T-90

      2018-07-02 14:54 39
      Product Features
      *A fully covered backadhesive with a special formulation is not only firmly in contact with the ground, but also no trace leaves
      *No curling or slipping
      *No spill soaked onto floor through the pad
      *Good adhesion to floor yet easily to remove without vestige
      *Thermal compression--8 layers of high absorbency PP fine fibre
      *Super tear strength and abrasive resistance
      *Intensive fibre structure---locking absorbate firmly
      Industry Applicability
      *Manufacture of transportation equipment for automobiles, ships, trains, and subways.
      *Processing and manufacturing of iron and steel, non-ferrous metals
      *Manufacturing of bearing, gear transmission equipment
      *Coatings , inks , pigments and similar product manufacture
      *petrochemical engineering
      *Machine tool machining, cutting
      *Port, maritime, air transport

      T-90 BLACK 90cm*20m* 1ROLL/BAG